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New Items: Romantic Books

Written by Admin  Posted on February 20, 2020
Have you all been enjoying the Palentine's celebrations so far? I know that it isn't a holiday that's traditional in the Forest, but... it's become my favorite one, actually. I got so many Trades from friends this year... Thank you, e-everyone, I, u-um... I really appreciate them all!

I a-actually... Um, I wanted to give you all something as well? See, back when I was living in Hope as part of the Campus Supplies exchange program, and Miranda was living here in the Enchanted Forest, we started our own holiday tradition, too. Every February since we met, we've sent each other our favorite books about friendship and romance, and then discussed them together over Scrying Spells...

And, well, since everyone really seemed to like the new volumes that I shared during the Illuminary Gala, I-I thought that maybe this year, I should recommend our books to e-everybody? Instead of just with Miranda, I mean... So I've added five new volumes to my Enchanted Reading shop.

To start, here's one that's close to my heart: Pressed Flowers! I really love making flower crowns for people, so when I found this one, I got very excited.

Next is Talisman of the Heart. It's a classic Forest romance, and the prose is so poetic and beautiful! (It makes me feel all fluttery...)

If you want something that has sweeping adventure in addition to being very romantic, I really recommend Castle of Eternity. The ending makes me tear up every single time...

Um, on the other hand, if you're more interested in dark romance, The Rose Witch has an infectious sense of horror as the story retells an old tale about obsessive love with a lot of psychological insight!

Finally, my little Flipperfin, Blubber, wants me to recommend The Sunlit Garden, which is one of our all-time favorite books to read together. I loved it back when I was a hatchling, and so it's been so nice that I've been able to share it with her, too.

I-I hope that you all enjoy these as much as I do! Now, hmm, where did I put that shipping box? I still need to add these copies to this year's care package for Miranda...

Oh gosh, I hope Dizzy didn't borrow all my packing supplies for one of her pranks...

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