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From Davy Jones's Locker by Rayne won the Avatar Spotlight! Many a soul has been claimed by the sea ne'er to resurface but some come back, clawing their way to shore out of the grasp of the deep searching for their living crewmates and long-lost treasure hoards.
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New Items: Feburary User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on February 13, 2020
Hey Kiddos, your good pal Shady here a bit early this month on account of that the tidal wave of pink and hearts that's been rushing through town. That's right, Palentine's is right on our doorsteps and I know folks got recolors they want for the big day. Me, being the wonderful thoughtful man that I am, have pushed my time tables up to get these out to you in time for the big day.

Enjoy, and remember: while steaks are best, I accept all meat-based gifts.

Small Angelic Wings Selection - ( Hyacinth Small Angelic Wings, Black Small Angelic Wings )
Pastel Tulle Dress Selection - ( Winter Sky Pastel Tulle Dress, Spring Sky Pastel Tulle Dress, Summer Sky Pastel Tulle Dress )
Power Princess Headpiece Selection - ( Silver Power Princess Headpiece )

Corn Dress Selection - ( Yellow Corn Dress, White Corn Dress, Purple Corn Dress )
Fortune's Horns Selection - ( Black Fortune's Horns, Metallic Adorned Horns, Luminous Adorned Horns, Nightfall Adorned Horns, Moonlight Adorned Horns )
Cobalt Cat Tail
Cobalt Cat Ears

Moth King of Moths:
Succulent Eyepatch Selection - ( Right Autumnal Succulent Eyepatch, Right Spring Succulent Eyepatch )
Rose and Violet Flower Crown
Goth Kei Hair Clips

Fiend Tail Selection - ( Bone Fiend Tail )
Fiend Wings Selection - ( Bone Fiend Wings )
Fancy Prosthetic Leg Selection - ( Right Ivory and Copper Fancy Prosthetic Leg, Right Verdigris Copper Steampunk Prosthetic Leg )
Clip-On Tie Selection - ( Basic White Clip-On Tie, Basic Sweetheart Clip-On Tie, Basic Black-Striped Blue Clip-On Tie )
Heartbreak Dress Selection - ( Sweetheart Heartbreak Dress, Black Heartbreak Dress , Hyacinth Heartbreak Dress , Hyacinth Unbroken Heartbreak Dress )

Lovesick Eyes Selection - ( Hazel Lovesick Eyes, Green Lovesick Eyes, Gray Lovesick Eyes, Brown Lovesick Eyes )
Messy Bun Selection - ( Crimson Messy Bun, Pink Messy Bun, White Messy Bun )
Bow Braid Selection - ( Crimson Bow Braid, Pink Bow Braid, White Bow Braid )
Doki Doki Tails Selection - ( Pink Doki Doki Tails, Umber Doki Doki Tails, White Doki Doki Tails )
Mystery Hair Selection - ( Blue Mystery Hair )
Revolution Hair Selection - ( Pink Revolution Hair, Blue Revolution Hair, Crimson Revolution Hair )
Lovely Confetti

Hazel Eyes Selection - ( Soft Hazel Eyes, Lashed Hazel Eyes, Crinkled Hazel Eyes )
Gray Diva Eyes

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