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Bow down to MASTER! by Hisscale won the Kith Spotlight!
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Site Contest Winners: January 2020

Written by Admin  Posted on January 27, 2020
[color=dodgerblue]WOWZA! That January Site Contest was amazin'!

Plus, now we even got a fun way t' rip apart crafted items into a buncha pieces!! I betcha that I was the inspiration for that fun new feature - 'CAUSE I'M A MASTER UNCRAFTER! NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO SHRED STUFF LIKE ME! Right, Enhe?

… Enhe?

There she goes, starin' into the Tatters again... Is okay! I can be the one t' announce our fantastical winners!!!

Let’s celebrate the winners of this month's Site Contest: Soaring~ by Spacegal in the Games category, and Haunted Armor Eludance by fancy in the Kith Design category! YEAHHHH!!! Congratses!

Since you both earned the most Cheers on your entries, Spacegal is gonna get 100 Gems, an' fancy won a Custom Kith Stage Submission items for that amazin' Kith! Plus, you both get the In the Spotlight Achievement, the Spotlight T-Shirt an' the Spotlight Showcase!!

Andre is movin' the winning threads t' the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while all other entries are gonna be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum.

Comin' up next… Jay is gonna tell us all about the February Site Contest that she's runnin'!

(Pssst... Don' worry, everybody, I know she can seem real stern an' imposin'... especially if you were havin' a great time in her General Store an' accidentally got your paws stuck in a big jar of Peanut Butter… which you got all over the floor… an' also the ceiling… BUT ONCE YOU START CLEANIN' UP YOUR MESSES, I PROMISE SHE GETS REAL NICE!)

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