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New Items: January User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 16, 2020

Hey kiddos, no time for small talk - listen up. I finally figured out what was making me so sick these past few months. I thought at first it was an aftereffect from all the bad ends we avoided at the Illuminary Gala, but... I was down in the Lab for my usual pick of some free-to-a-good-cause donations - just, uh, getting some snacks for Jr, don't worry about it - and I got a peek at what Goggles and Company have secreted themselves away to work on.


We don't have long to act. Whatever the kiddos may be up to in there, out here there's only one solution I know of, and I need you all to just trust me on this.

We have to create.

It doesn't matter what we create, but we have to create! Food, songs, art, poems- MESSES! Anything! Just please, set aside some time every day to make something. Know that you are making it! Revel in that creation and joy it brings! Focus on it!


The End of the Road is before us... Damn it all, I'm not jumping ship yet again. Can't an honest businessman find a back alley of his own? I'm so tired of running... There is no going back now. But things don't have to be like before - we're not so cowed, not so helpless. Each and everyone of us is a creator now. Take hold of that power and don't let go. Bring more good things into this world. Bring more bad things into this world. Just don't stop trying and reiterating and making!

I... really do believe in all of us. I have to. We've made it this far. We've held on for so long.

Don't let go. I want to be able to present an even bigger list of new creations come the end of this month. I want to get to see Club present her new re-colors...

So make all that your heart can stand. Even if you don't share it with me, or with anyone, it still has power. No matter what you make, you make a difference.

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