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New Items: Cereals!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 05, 2016
Good Dry or Soggy

Man, I'm starving… but have like, zero energy to cook anything… I think I'll just pour myself a bowl of cereal and eat that real quick. What? What is that look for? Cereal can be a dinner food too!
Look at this box of Wheat Cereal, see how healthy this is? Packed full of nutrients! Same with this box of Berry Cereal. And this Alphabet Cereal stimulates young and old minds alike! See? Cereal is great any time of the day! N-now let me eat my Sugar Cereal before Lycus senses I've got it back in stock and cleans me out again.

Okay, okay, look! I'll use flavored milk to prove that I'm getting a proper meal. Hm, do I want to use my Banana Milk Recipe or the Strawberry Milk Recipe? Both are made with fresh fruit so they add a great punch of vitamins into the bowl. Dang, I don't have any chocolate cereal to go with the Minty Milk Recipe... And man, getting out the blender feels like so much work...
I just wanted a easy meal...
Eh, I'll just drink the left over Cereal Milk from the bottom of the bowl when I'm done eating. It's enriched with delicious sugary energy which is exactly what I need right now.

Why am I so pooped out? Piper has been testing some new game in the backroom at all hours it feels like. I think she said she's almost got the Demo for it ready for public use. I sure hope so... My bedroom is right over the back room and those beep boops are haunting my nightmares at this point. If I dream I’m having a dance-off against a group of Kith to get them to leave my stock alone one more time, I am going to scream.

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