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Flipperfin of the deep by Dread won the Art Spotlight!
Fluorite really wants to be your friend. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand that his friends need air to breathe.
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New Premium Items: Constellation Weapons!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 03, 2020
Iris, stay close by my side. This fog is thicker than ever, and I don't want to lose sight of you.

Ahem! Voice in the Mist, can you hear us? I am Nicholas Artois, the Headmaster of this University town. You have sent us concerning messages, and ancient pottery to study, but though the new year has dawned, we have nothing new from you. Our friends in the other Remnants report that it's all been the same with them - hearing your same whispering messages, over and over, whenever they step into the mist.

All of this worrisome talk of battling, and falling… Please, allow me to assure you most fervently that we have no wish to fight anyone! The University of Hope is a peaceful place, and has been for many generations. If you're from a new Remnant, why not come join us, as so many of the other Remnants have? I dare say, as you may have noticed from the attempted handshakes and high fives, many of our students are already eager to meet you -

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