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We look like each other!!! by Kochab won the Avatar Spotlight!
You know that thing where people start to look like their kith?
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New Items: December User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 17, 2019
Huh, that's weird! Fray said he was going to meet me here to do the user submission update. Maybe he's running a little late? Well, I can start us off!

Hi everyone! Shady is busy nursing a bad head cold he mysteriously caught so I'll be doing the presentation today! We've got a whole bunch of great submissions I've been snuggled up to in my upload pile that I can't wait to share!

Side-Braid Hair Selection - ( Pink Side-Braid Hair )

Red Robostone

Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Tattered Braids )
Curly Ponytail Selection - ( Gray Curly Ponytail )
Side Braid Hair Selection - ( Gray Side Braid, Blue Side Braid )
Messy Bun Selection - ( Blue Messy Bun )
Unicorn Hairstyle Selection - ( Blue Unicorn Hairstyle )
Literary Hairstyle Selection - ( Blue Literary Hairstyle )
Ripped Skinny Jeans Selection - ( Plum Ripped Skinny Jeans, White Ripped Skinny Jeans )
Mary Janes Selection - ( White Mary Janes, Chocolate Mary Janes )
Flavored Lollipop Selection - ( Blue Raspberry Flavored Lollipop, Bubblegum Flavored Lollipop, Green Apple Flavored Lollipop, Rainbow Sherbert Flavored Lollipop )
Dizzy Spell

Pastel Tulle Dress Selection - ( Prism Pastel Tulle Dress, Nightfall Pastel Tulle Dress )
Celestial Cape Selection - ( Celestial Cape, Forest Fire Celestial Cape, Moonlight Celestial Cape )

Moth King of Moths:
Succulent Eyepatch Selection - ( Autumnal Succulent Eyepatch )

Casual Pixiebob Selection - ( Blond Casual Pixiebob, Crimson Casual Pixiebob,Green Casual Pixiebob, Orange Casual Pixiebob, Periwinkle Casual Pixiebob, Pink Casual Pixiebob, Purple Casual Pixiebob, Red Casual Pixiebob, Seafoam Casual Pixiebob, Black and White Casual Pixiebob, Rose Casual Pixiebob, Prism Casual Pixiebob, Tattered Casual Pixiebob )
Suit Dress Selection - ( Fancy Cauldron Suit Jacket, Fancy Chrome Suit Jacket, Fancy Forest Fire Suit Jacket, Fancy Heather Suit Jacket, Fancy Rippleweed Suit Jacket, Fancy Sharkbite Suit Jacket, Fancy Sweet Spring Suit Jacket )
Short Wavy Hairstyle Selection - ( Crimson Short Wavy Hairstyle, Gray Short Wavy Hairstyle, Green Short Wavy Hairstyle, Orange Short Wavy Hairstyle, Purple Short Wavy Hairstyle, Red Short Wavy Hairstyle )
Spirit-Touched Hair Selection - ( Rose Untouched Ponytail )
Torn Dress Selection - ( Black Torn Dress, White Torn Dress, Hyacinth Torn Dress )
Rose Lapel Pin Selection - ( Moonlight Rose Lapel Pin, Red Rose Lapel Pin )
Dragontaur Body Selection - ( Fairy Floss Dragontaur Body, Nightbloom Dragontaur Body, Meadowcup Dragontaur Body, Daybreak Dragontaur Body )

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