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New Items: Therapeutic Recovery

Written by Admin  Posted on December 11, 2019
My, that was an exhausting autumn. Thank you all for reaching out to me and Nicholas to make certain that we've recovered from our imprisonment in the Dragon's dungeons. Thanks to some of the Forest's best healers, both of us have fully recuperated from our harrowing experience.

Goodness knows there are still many unanswered questions, but Nic and I are fully in agreement - Hope University will continue to promote unity and cooperation going forward. Don't worry, if the Narrator's threats were anything other than blustering, we'll work with Commander Kyprian and his cross-Remnant defense coalition, and likewise, we'll do everything we can to help the Enchanted Forest recover and rebuild.

I know that Princess Celariel has been working especially hard to make reparations, promote happiness, and foster a new spirit of openness in the Forest. For example, she's just sent word that she's authorized all of the enchanted makeup to be sold in Dizzy's Nesting Playce shop, even the ones that were previously only available to nobility. Similarly, all of the educational books that Skyler was collecting from Elven libraries and distributing during the Gala are now available to peruse in the Enchanted Reading shop. That's certainly worth a visit!

On a similar note, that young botanist from the Cosmic Solarium, Marisol del Bosque, reached out to Hope with a special transmission - she wanted to ensure that everyone would have access to extra mental health resources after such a traumatic series of events. She's thoughtfully commissioned a special pattern for phototherapeutic parasols similar to her own, such as the Pink Illuminated Parasol. Though there's unfortunately been some divisions between the Solarium's Crust and Core, it seems that these patterns are nonetheless available in the Castoff Shuttle shop.

The Narrator may have tried to scare us away from future collaboration between Remnants with those warnings of his, but the events of this autumn have just made me all the more certain that we're strongest together. We'll keep journeying back and forth, strengthening bonds and building friendships, no matter what.

Ahhh, but it's so comforting to be back home at last, even if the weather is so unseasonably foggy. All of this extra mist, thickening around the edges of the Tatters... Iris seems to find it rather unsettling. Make sure not to get lost while you're traveling between Remnants!

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