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New Items: Chef Outfit!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 01, 2016
Good Lookin' Cookin' 

Ah, the whole town has been smelling so good since everyone started learning to cook. It has been so wonderful walking about town on my little creative breaks, taking in all the different delicious smells. So much so that I have had food constantly on the brain!

It got me thinking that you all could use some nice Aprons to keep clean while you cook with your Kith. And I know some of you hate the idea of staining a nice new one, so I made some with stains already on them so you'd be guilt-free! See, they look like Dirty Aprons right? They’re artistically intentional stains. Not at all repurposing ruined fabric that I couldn't get cleaned in time...

Ahem. As I was saying, with all of you working to become masters of the culinary arts, I've made some fluffy Chef Hats as well! If you want to show off your Cooking skills in action, why not buy a Sack of Flour to heft? Be careful, they’re heavy. The weak-armed among you can always take an Empty Flour Sack instead.

Please, let me know what you all think… I'll have these new items available at Tailored Fashions starting today.

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