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November Event: Taming the Dragon

Written by Admin  Posted on November 27, 2019
[Catch up on the Event so far]


So it comes to this, does it?

All of my words, dismissed. All of my knowledge, cast aside. A collaborator digging in her heels, refusing to do what's necessary, and a miserable, pathetic horde of naysayers marshaling outside the castle. Naturally, they despise the one who does what must be done, who makes sure that the show will go on. What was that ancient saying? You either die a hero, or you live long enough...

It doesn't matter. So many Remnants coming together, Remnants left practically undefended... The End is near at hand. The climactic moment is barreling ever closer. How fortunate that I know what it's like to have to improvise to meet that deadliest of deadlines...

My Dragon approaches.

No progress with your father, I take it? You hold back still?

Hold thy tongue, Advisor! He... he shall change his mind.

And if he does not? You rage at me, claiming that I'm not able to do my job, and yet it is you who has failed to complete your task. When I first leant my power to you, you spoke with ambition of devouring the Heart of the Forest, but now your claws hesitate, and you make constant, quavering excuses.

You leave us open to attack! Do you not recall my warning? The tattered threads that weave together where your Remnants gather... the shattered snarls that tangle around each new path between them... again and again, history repeats itself. All roads lead to ruin. You've felt it, with my borrowed power. I know you have.


I do not wish to discuss it! We shall... We shall speak no more of it!

It is my right to hesitate! Thy words make me so irate - how can I prevail when I am accosted with all thy failures each time I leave my chambers?! All thy efforts have come to naught! This is unacceptable! Thou shalt silence thy entreaties, or-


What is this thrumming, humming beneath my feet? The feeling of this Ritual, that pulses through me still... Something is... is changing, the current weakens as I speak...

And what is that clamoring outside my gates? Who dares disturb me in my time of turmoil? There, outside! This is... the dim, twisted fragments of the visions that my Dream Magic once unveiled to me... now laid out before my eyes in startling clarity! A plot to wrest my throne from me... And there! Those same three suspects, like a bad memory, determination in their gazes, ready to raze my rule to the ground!

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