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you better watch out by Voldemortimer won the Avatar Spotlight! Good luck un-magicking THIS snow man!! hes got so many magic clothes on right now.
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New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 22, 2019
[Catch up on the Event so far]


All right, tadpoles, final equipment checks! Today is going to be plenty dangerous, whether you're running distraction with Dizzy and the pirates, or breaking into the dungeons with my team. I want to make sure that nobody's going in unarmed. Luckily, since Alban has been doing so much Tailoring to help out the Dryads, they've decided to strike two birds with one stone, and they made us some useful protection!

Line up, everyone! Strap on your Summer Bark Boots and Summer Root Leggings to protect your legs as you're sneaking through the Forest! Don't forget all our lessons about moving stealthily through the undergrowth...

Does everyone have their Summer Canopy Pauldrons and their Summer Branch Gauntlets? Let us know if they don't fit - Andre has offered to make final adjustments for our strike team before we head out. Let's not force Wolf to make emergency fixes in the midst of battle - she'll be plenty busy tracking the prisoners through the maze of the dungeons.

Finally... don't forget your Summer Vine Cuirass. Feels appropriate that the Dryads decided to use Heartwood for this. Even after all that's happened, there's strength in it yet... and there's strength in us.

We've prepared everything that we can - I know that many of you have been strategizing with each other and with your Kith, too. We've got all of our resources at the ready... We've honed our reflexes... It's time to storm the dungeons!

(Everyone, stay in the trees until my signal! Here come the main Underling patrols... Blast, security has really increased around the dungeon recently. No, don't worry - we expected that the Narrator might have heard rumors of our goals, so we took that into account while strategizing.

Now, as long as everything goes to plan, without any unexpected-)

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