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New Items: November User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 16, 2019
Now now, this is no time for tears. Look, your audience is awaiting. And you do so love these little presentations of yours, don't you? Not that your miserable 'ally' is anywhere to be found. But no matter, I have always had a fondness for the day the costume department debuted the newest designs; this almost makes me nostalgic for those good old days.

Chin up, show everyone that lovely smile. That a girl.

Now, welcome everyone to the mid-month User Submission release. It seems that even with my Dragon claiming all that is rightfully hers, so many of you creative types have continued your own work in earnest. I'm impressed - I think I even recognize some of the handiwork on display here...

Why, it looks like the dragon's share of the work here is from some of my very own Thespians. How quaint. I suppose the old saying "You can take the mask off the Thespian, but you can never remove the Role" is true. Performers to the very bitter end.

Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Tattered Braid )
Revolution Hair Selection - ( Umber Revolution Hair, Purple Revolution Hair, Blond Revolution Hair, Black Revolution Hair, White Revolution Hair )
Shaggy Hair Selection - ( White Shaggy Hair, Purple Shaggy Hair, Cobalt Shaggy Hair, Blond Shaggy Hair, [item]Black Shaggy Hair )
High Waist Black Shorts
Nervous Sweat
Angry Vein

The Void's Mask

Witches Broad Hat Selection - ( Star Witches Broad Hat, Pearl Witches Broad Hat )

Sheer Gala Dress Selection - ( Luminous Sheer Gala Dress, Growth Sheer Gala Dress )
Delicate Flowercrown Selection - ( Luminous Delicate Flowercrown, Growth Delicate Flowercrown )
Teardrop Earrings Selection - ( Luminous Teardrop Earrings )
Harming Dragon's Coat
Harming Dragon's Headband
Harming Dragon's Leggings
Harming Dragon's Top
Harming Dragon's Claws

Thespian Earrings Selection - ( Monochrome Thespian Earrings, Prism Thespian Earrings, Growth Thespian Earrings )
Armored Bodysuit Selection - ( Armored Monochrome Bodysuit )
Black Fuzzy Boa
Dungeon Scrying Spell
Cell Bars

Lantern Earrings Selection - ( Purple Lantern Earrings )
Crop Top Selection - ( Black Heart-Cut Crop Top )
Kitsune's Tails
Black Off-the-Shoulder Shirt

Hm, you really are starting to fall to pieces, aren't you? It's a shame neither of us could remember your name to give you back your old role. The Rook is certainly befitting the Dragon's Forest, but I'm not so sure you are fit to play it. Oh well, at least we know that spineless worm is still crawling around in the undergrowth, otherwise you'd have completely come apart at the seams by now.

Perhaps he is still loyal in his own misguided way... or maybe he just hasn't figured how to get out past the barrier yet. Old age does tend to addle some minds...

Let's get you patched up. After all, there is so much work yet to be done. I can't have you going threadbare until we find those traitors. And since this Rook look isn't quite sticking, maybe I should pen you up a new role... What do you think about The Executioner? We will certainly have plenty for you to do once we catch the rest of those irksome insurgents.

I can already imagine their reaction to this update - how sweet it is to see you've built a little fanbase among our audience. That will come in handy, considering what steps must be taken next to extend my reach again. And here I thought the Dragon would get all the glory, her hold over the Underlings so narrowly-focused, until you tumbled into the same trap. You're not quite like the other Stagehands, fortunately for me, but your unique potential will simply have to do...

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