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New Items: Baby Food!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 30, 2016
For Baby and Me

Ahh, Jay selling all those new recipes of hers sent me back into my family cookbook for a trip down memory lane. When I found the section on baby food, I realized that’s something everyone could use, not just parents or older siblings! I mean, newly allied Kith are sort of like human babies, right? And those little cuties might not be ready to eat harder foods yet.

So I talked with Jay and gave her 11 new recipe cards to sell at the General Store. Take your pick from Vanilla Rice Baby Food, Strawberry and Bananas Baby Food, Strawberry Applesauce Baby Food, Squash Baby Food, Pumpkin Baby Food, Mushy Peas Baby Food Carrot Baby Food, Mixed Berry Baby Food, Broccoli Baby Food, Garden Vegetable Baby Food, and my favorite as a baby Peachy Keen Pears Baby Food.

You can't go wrong with any of them really, they are all fresh and delicious! Even older Kith might like a tasty mashed up bowl of baby food if they’re feeling nostalgic. Personally I think it's good enough to eat yourself when you inevitably get some splattered in your face by a fussy eater.

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