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Splatter Hoodies by stopboorider won the Prism Party Clothing Design Spotlight! With all these colours being thrown, may I offer you an arsenal and some skin protection?
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New Premium Items: Illuminary Badge

Written by Admin  Posted on October 04, 2019
[Catch up on the Event so far]


How marvelous! Why, just look at all those sparkling Earth magic crystals, hanging in the air! My word, but the decorations in this ballroom are simply astounding! Dear, come look at... the…

...Estella? How odd… She was beside me a moment ago, but she seems to have disappeared into the crowd! If only we weren't all required to wear an enchanted Illusion Illuminary Mask...

Pardon me, but have you seen my wife? She is a vision of loveliness in her new Illusion Illuminary Leotard and Illusion Illuminary Skirt... No? Then perhaps she has simply made her way over to that enticing refreshments table. The rest of my family and I shall-

...Lycus? Piper? Dear me! Has anyone seen where they've gone off to? Really, the effect of these masks is… a tad dizzying. I cannot seem to focus on a single person before all of their identifying attributes flicker out of my grasp!

Can anyone see them? Piper was pleased as punch to be sporting a new Illusion Illuminary Top Coat, and we'd even managed to coax Lycus into putting on some nice Illusion Illuminary Pants beneath that lab coat of his... Well, doubtless the two of them have scampered off together to see the sights of the Enchanted Forest! Or perhaps they are visiting the Shock Magic charging docks that have been provided for guests with electronics?

Hmm... No Iris, either? Ah, well, no matter! I am certain that we shall all find each other again soon! In the meantime, I shall simply enjoy some spirited dancing in the Masked Dancer Forum thread! Oho!

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