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New Items: Shady Styles

Written by Admin  Posted on August 26, 2016
Something a bit shady

The weather sure has been something lately, hasn’t it? Between the blinding summer sun and sudden storms, it sure feels like I’ve been hiding inside all the time. Well, no more! It took a while to design the - oh…? Huh. How odd. It looks like someone was rifling through my storage room. But all the boxes are here… still labeled… Hm, maybe a Kith wandered in from the Tatters. Well, anyway!

I’ve got just what we all need to deal with that blinding sun: a whole set of fancy sunglasses! Yes, starting today, Tailored Fashions will be stocking five styles of sunglasses in four UV-blocking colors: Wildfire, Oceanic, Savannah, and Obsidian. Choose the style that suits you out of the classic Sports Shades, the authoritative Aviator Shades, the hip Oval Shades, the retro Circle Shades, and finally the fabulous Rocker Shades.

While that takes care of the blazing glare during sunny days, what about the sudden windy rainfall that strikes without warning? It may still be a little too hot to wear comfortably, but as things cool down in the coming months, you can get a lot of wear out of this traditional Trench Coat. It’s great for students trying to avoid the rain, or for dressing up like old-timey gumshoes! Make sure to double check that someone wearing this isn’t actually a bunch of Kith all stacked up on top of each other, though…

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