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Our Lady of Perpetual Roses by Ruevian won the Avatar Spotlight! In a hidden garden stands a forgotten artifact, frozen in time and gradually being overtaken by roses and greenery.
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New Items: September User Submissions!!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 16, 2019
I wanna thank y'all for taking such good care of Club for her birthday last week. She's been gorging on sweets and bun-related treats since then. I had to take matters into my own hands and locked her up in the attic in the Backstage Broker. Don't worry, she loves escape rooms. Besides, she knows her way around a haunted artifact or seven. It'll help her work off all that birthday cake.

Having reached the midpoint of September, we've got another batch of brand new and beautiful User Clothing Submissions. I think I spy another gift or two for Club in there, so she'll be excited to see those once she finally gets free.


Leather Gorget Selection - ( Black Leather Gorget )
Leg Holster Bag Selection - ( Black Leg Holster Bag, Hyacinth Leg Holster Bag )

Cosmic Witch Hat Selection - ( Ruby Cosmic Witch Hat, Sunrise Cosmic Witch Hat, Sunset Cosmic Witch Hat, Midnight Cosmic Witch Hat, Prism Cosmic Witch Hat )
Cloudy Bunny Witch's Hat Selection - ( Club Inspired Cloudy Bunny Witch's Hat, Albino Pastel Cloudy Bunny Witch's Hat, Calico Pastel Cloudy Bunny Witch's Hat, Black Pastel Cloudy Bunny Witch's Hat, Brown Pastel Cloudy Bunny Witch's Hat )


Villainous Jacket Selection - ( CMYK Villainous Jacket, Edgy Villainous Jacket, Forest Fire Villainous Jacket, Kelp Green Villainous Jacket, Meadowcup Villainous Jacket, Nightbloom Villainous Jacket, Rippleweed Villainous Jacket, Sunset Villainous Jacket, Sweetheart Villainous Jacket, Time Villainous Jacket, Inverse Monochrome Villainous Jacket )

noxlamenta :
Plain Ear Tucked Paintbrush

Princess Braid Selection - ( Princess Umber Braid )
Peasant Blouse Selection - ( Hyacinth Peasant Blouse )
Grape Flavored Lollipop
Sucker Face
Luminous Tattered Skirt
Luminous Magic Broom
Cobalt Bow Braid

Witchery Hats Selection - ( Prism Crystal Witchery Hat,Spectrum Crystal Witchery Hat, Healing Crystal Witchery Hat )
Vicissitude Coat Selection - ( Dream Vicissitude Coat, Luminous Vicissitude Coat, Black Vicissitude Coat )
Striped Waistcoat Selection - ( Nightbloom Striped Waistcoat, Monochrome Striped Waistcoat, Reverse Monochrome Striped Waistcoat )


Watchful Cape Selection - ( Luminous Watchful Cape )
Sleek Merfolk Tail Selection - ( Sleek Galaxy Merfolk Tail, Sleek Moonlight Merfolk Tail )

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