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Is that a S'more?? No, it's a Nibblug! by Gloria won the Kith Design Spotlight! Oh what a nice summer night bonfire. Reminds me of back home. with Hero. Oh! Who wants S'mores? Piper brought marshmallows! ...wait a minute.
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Happy Monochrome Masquerade!!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 10, 2019
Step right up! Kiddos and Kith! Tricksters and Travelers! I have for you all a day of fun and whimsy unlike any other! That's right! Today, at last, is everyone's favorite holiday (next to Halloweave, that is). With fashion and treats for all! I even went and spruced myself up at the spa for the day - pretty nice, right?

Welcome, welcome one and all to the
Monochrome Masquerade!!
Heh heh... That's right, a celebration of all things light and dark! Cast off the illusion of color and revel in the classic nostalgia of black and white. I've pulled out all the stops for this year, with some delicious monochromatic treats. I uh, promise they are supposed to look like that and are not burned (give me a break on these; I'm a businessman, not a baker). We also have some fabulous re-colors of some items that desperately needed a touch of gray. Everyone deserves to look as fabulous as me today! It's just too bad I didn't have enough time to get my own outfit all fancy. Just had enough time to get my coat painted up proper. I'm not going to match my date at this rate... ah well. I'm sure my princess will forgive me once we hit the dance floor.

We start with the abysmal misstep of having this month's cloudy affair missing out on a monochromatic color. I mean, really! Black, gray, and white are LITERALLY the most common colors of clouds! It's monochrome discrimination that they were left out, I'm telling you, the Admins have a clear and damaging bias. Well, no worries, your old pal Shady fixed them up proper and you can now get the Monochrome Windswept Wild Hair, Monochrome Windswept Cloudy Dress, Spectrum Long Cloudy Hair, Monochrome Cloudy Cape, Monochrome Cloudy Bolero, and the EW, who put this Spectrum Windswept Cloudy Dress on here?! Ugh, I guess that can go into the original Windswept Cloudy Badge Bundle as well. No sense wasting Gems.

I've also got all three of those fancy-schmancy toasting glasses from Palentine's done up in delicious monochrome! So raise a Monochrome Wine Toasting Glass[item], [item]Monochrome Drink Toasting Glass, or Monochrome Bubbly Toasting Glass high and let's celebrate!

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