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A Tribute to Two Dads by Moth King of Moths won the Craft Spotlight! Happy Father's day to two great dads!! Othidad and BatteryDad!!
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New Items: July User Submissions!!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 17, 2019
Zzz Znkt!? Huh? What? WHO PAINTED MY HOUSE?! Can't a man take a nap in peace and not wake up to every being purple! Wait, purple? CLUB! THIS BETTER NOT BE YOUR FAULT! DID YOU DRIP ON EVERYTHING AGAIN!?
((No! I used a towel! It's the full site launch, Shady! Didn't you get the memo from Diana? We are out of beta!))
WHAT?! First she takes my business, now she's taking my color scheme!? AND she leaves me out of important memos? Oh, I see how it is. So the painbow wants to play dirty? Fine. I see my prior plans were not severe enough. I'll have to step up my game...
Hm, I'm going to need more materials at this rate...
Good thing I've got a fresh batch of User Submitted items to sell!

Unicorn Hairstyle Selection - ( Yellow Unicorn Hairstyle )
Lacey Corset Selection - ( Hyacinth Lacey Corset )
Bun On Your Head Selection - ( Club Bun On Your Head, Purple Bun On Your Head )
Medieval Bodice Selection - ( Brown Medieval Bodice, Softlight Medieval Bodice, Edgy Medieval Bodice, Luminous Medieval Bodice )
Noble Gown Selection - ( Sky Blue Noble Gown, Softlight Noble Gown, Leader Noble Gown, Luminous Noble Gown, Courtly Noble Gown )
Peasant Blouse Selection - ( White Peasant Blouse, Black Peasant Blouse, White Peasant Sleeves )
White Chest Bandages
Umber Literary Hairstyle
Anime Sweatdrop

Fedora Selection - ( Black Fedora, Crimson and Black Fedora )
Black Fiend Tail

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