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June Event: Printing Protocol

Written by Admin  Posted on July 12, 2019
Oh Casey, good morning! Are you all ready to help teach everyone about the single most useful tool in any droid's repertoire? Yes you are, my clever little gizmo! We are going to show all our intergalactic friends how to get the most out of their 3D Print Globe! While it might seem massively overwhelming to the untrained, it's actually very easy to use. And once you have it up and running, you can practically print yourself anything you want! Provided you have the right ingredients, that is. Trust me, Casey and I have thought up all kinds of interesting designs now that we'll have regular shipments from Earth via the new trade agreement! It's positively radiant!

While we could start you all off simple, I think we should jump right into the deep end and try to print out a Green Comet Cornet! Casey just loves that green glow, don't you?

Of course, if you need something more educational for your baby - Kith Allies are kind of like babies, right? - there is always the highly-recommended Black DNA Drops. Not only do they help develop hand-eye coordination, they're also the perfect way to learn primal hunting skills that may one day assist in the colonization of a new planet!

If none of that can interest you in 3D printing, well, I'm not sure what will. I'd say that the Food Compressor is your next best bet! You can shove practically anything in there to get it reformed into whatever shape your heart desires. And let me tell you, this thing has been such a time-saver whenever I've needed unapproved emergency tools in the past. Once Casey's favorite mobile fell to pieces and I had to come up with some new distractions in a hurry! Thankfully the Planetoid Pops are rated Safe For Babies as long as you remove the sticks. That was an upset nap time that lead right into a delicious snack time! (Phew!)

Really, I cannot overstate just how amazing the compression abilities of this device are. Look, we made a whole Hydroroast Salad just like that! Who wouldn't want a ham on demand? There's noth-


Oh! Ohh, shh, shhh, I'm sorry, lil' sprocket, did my volume control exceed your preferred settings? There, there, it's okay, I'll recalculate for the future - seems like that missed naptime wasn't resolved with sugary treats after all...

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