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Site Contest: July 2019

Written by Admin  Posted on July 08, 2019
Is everybody ready?! It's time for the JULY SITE CONTEST!! See, Piper, I totally remembered this time! I only ALMOST missed it, an' that was cuz I was doin' some very serious tailorin' research for my quests. Didja know that rolls o' fabric get REAL SOGGY if you try t' use 'em as a surfboard?

For the July Contest, we got a SUMMER FUN THEME, cuz it's SUMMER, an' WE'RE ALL HAVIN' SO MUCH FUN!!! RIGHT ANDRE? ISN' THIS THE oh waitaminute Andre is tryin' t' have a nap I think?? It's hard t' tell when he's hidin' under a pile o' towels like that...

ANYWHO, we got two amazin' Contest Categories: an Avatar Contest category, where you show off your best summer look, an' a Kith Design Contest category, where you design some Summer-themed Kith pals! The contest is gonna end on July 21st at 12:00 (noon) CHT, an' the winners are gonna be chosen based on the number of Cheers that their entry gets! Plus, don' forget that you gotta read the Rules!!

We got some EXTRA-FANTASTICAL PRIZES, TOO!!! In addition t' both winners gettin' the Spotlight Showcase an' Spotlight T-Shirt, the winner o' the Avatar Contest is gonna get 100 GEMS, an' the winner o' the Kith Contest gets their winnin' design added to my Kith Fashions shop for freeeeeeeeeeee!!

So now I wanna see everybody sashayin' down the shore with all o' your flashy fashions an' your snazzy summer Kith! Walk walk walk.... DANCE DANCE DANCE! WE'RE HAVIN' A DANCE PARTY FASHION SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA ON THE BEACH! In fact, how come we gotta stick to the land? EVERYBODY, CONGA LINE INTO THE WATER!! WAHOOOO!!!!

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