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Is that a S'more?? No, it's a Nibblug! by Gloria won the Kith Design Spotlight! Oh what a nice summer night bonfire. Reminds me of back home. with Hero. Oh! Who wants S'mores? Piper brought marshmallows! ...wait a minute.
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June Event: All A Buzz!!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 04, 2019
Oh me oh my!! This is all so unbeelievably wonderful!! I've recorded a 161.27% increase in foot traffic to the Botany Terrance since the release of the Cosmic Kitchen!! Even my own Terrace Hive has been overflowing with new friends!! I've been barely able to keep my charge up with all the extra zzipping around I've been doing!!

My sweet Marisol is in need of power saving mode from all the activity, so I volunteered to help with this new announcement while she lays down. I'm processing a timing calculation to see if I can cook up a new treat to surprise her when she gets up... While I can't ingest any organic food myself, I am buzz-buzz-buzzing to the brim with knowledge on proper produce care and selection!! It is a shame we do not have any edible flowers for me to try and prepare, but we do have something almost as aesthetically pleasing: aspics!! Aren't they just pretty as pollen??

Oh!! This one looks so much like my Marisol's parasol!! It's perfect!! I'll make her an Ambrosia Aspic, the perfect snack for someone as wonderful as my sunny Sol <3 <3 Now I just need to figure out how to work the Food Compressor to get the perfect curves... Time to access some digital tutorials!!

Processing... Complete!! It appears I will require some aid while operating the Gravity Cooker, since its function has the ability to negate my flying and hovering capabilities. I once found that out the hard way when we were cooking dinner... Marisol nearly had to eat Beebot soup!! While I am sure I would have been metaphorically sweet, I am not very nutritious!!

Speaking of kitchen dangers, I have just received a notice from the Bridge Crew to issue a warning about potential misuse of the Vacuum Sealer. Breathing is VERY important to the health and happiness of most organic lifeforms, and should not be taken for granted. Warning: please keep all orifices far away from the sealer during operations!! In case of emergency, please keep a Lil Choppy on hand in standby mode - don't worry, Lil Choppy has been practicing safety protocols with a theoretical success rate of 98.45%!! Any hands-on experience you can provide will be a welcome addition to their resume log for future applications!!

Lastly, if anyone is looking for an easy-to-carry snack, allow me to direct your attention to the Nutrientor 5000, which is the key to making any of our particle recipes! They are perfect for a little pollenbot like me to carry one by one to a special someone~ <3 <3 I can't wait to see the fruits of everyone's labor!! Though, fruit-wise, I have to go measure the perfect orange's angles to find one just for this aspic!! I'll bee seeing you later, my friends!!

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