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June Event: Kitchen Access Granted!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 28, 2019
Thank you all for joining me today for a very special announcement I'd like to make on behalf of the Cosmic Solarium. Since our very first contact with the aptly-named Hope and all the other Remnants who have joined us in our time of need, we have been given a whirlwind of support beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of happening. Because of this, for the first time since before the Ultranova, we have had the chance to truly restock and even take on an excess of supplies. The deep gratitude of everyone I represent aboard the Cosmic Solarium could never be put into words; truly it is a grace of goodwill that transcends any mere speech I could give. So please, accept our deepest gratitude with this gift we offer, of that which our station previously classified as our most valuable resource to guard.

I am so incredibly pleased to announce that we are now able to grant access to a core part of our daily lives here on the station: food. Our cooking is the most treasured resource we have, and in my humble opinion, is a lynchpin of all cultures. I've been reading about what the other Remnants consider comfort food and I - ah, forgive me, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I do not want to overwhelm anyone who may not be accustomed to our technology by just letting you all loose in the cafeteria with no guide or instruction. When I brought up my concerns for neglect, it has been decided by our culinary team that it would be better to allow a slow immersion into our cuisine, and to help each of you understand just how our diets work. Thus, while I have signed off on the sale of all our kitchen tools as of today's broadcast, we will release the recipes themselves in smaller batches and then continuously patch in more to the system.

One of our leading innovators in the Botany Terraces, Marisol del Bosque, has graciously volunteered to stock both the Tools and Recipes necessary for the newly-renovated Cosmic Kitchen. This should allow you to pick up both the ingredients you need and the recipes they are meant for, all at once.

The first course in Solarium cooking is the basis of all meals here: liquids - rather, specifically, drinks. You'll need to get quite comfortable with the Hydrator for these while you learn your way around the Cryo Freezer. Thankfully anything over-chilled can simply be reheated in the Microwave Mach 5 - ah, just, keep it on a low setting, please - so there's no real danger of 'ruining' anything you cook. I have also been told that out of all the kitchen robots, Lil Blendy is one of the easiest to work with, but, ah, please do make sure to put the lid on...

You may also discover you need a few odds and ends for your cooking sessions that aren't so unfamiliar! Things like the containment vessel, which I think you might all know better as a Jelly Jar, is recommended stock for any beginner's place in the kitchen, though you will probably need to use a new one even if you already have it stocked in a kitchen elsewhere. I do apologize, but you see, we have very strict cross-contamination rules that must be followed even with your new access and permissions.

Once the crew feels you have sufficiently proven your mastery over the basics, we will happily release another set of recipes for you all to enjoy. Until then, I must return to my duties as Commander and ensure our agreement negotiations continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Thank you all again, so very much, for your aid and cooperation.

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