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More Freckle Colors! by GrayEmbers won the Recolor Design Spotlight!
You know what's a really good Look? Freckles are. Do you ever find yourself wishing your freckles matched your outfit a little better?
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New Items: June User Submissions!!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 15, 2019
What's that? I missed the 13th? Really? Huh, I guess I've been so busy between the store and plotting a certain someone's ultimate demise that I just lost track of time. That's odd though, normally I'm pretty - as they say – compelled to head back to the Stage on Thursday the 13th. Hm, wonder if that brat Scribe has been messing with some of The Narrator's old things in the castle. That's... worrying. Hope the kiddo doesn't bite off more than she can chew...

Well, ain't my problem no more!

First Time Submitter! Lazurite:
Glitch Body Covers

Steampunk Inventor's Top Selection - ( Black Steampunk Inventor's Top )

Belted Suspenders Selection - ( Black Belted Suspenders, Spectrum Belted Suspenders, Prism Belted Suspenders )

Gloria :
Smile Blep

Side Braid Hair Selection - ( Black Side Braid, Blond Side Braid, Green Side Braid, Orange Side Braid, Purple Side Braid, Red Side Braid, Seafoam Side Braid, Sienna Side Braid )
Splatter Selection - ( Bloody Splatter, Prism Splatter )
Tartan Pants Selection - ( Pink Tartan Pants, Luminous Tartan Pants )
Floppy Sweater Selection - ( Prism Floppy Sweater )
Ripped Skinny Jeans Selection - ( Pink Ripped Skinny Jeans )
Vacant Eyes Selection - ( Vacant Blue Eyes, Vacant Lavender Eyes, Vacant Gray Eyes )
Loose White Socks
Black Lace Bolero

Slicked Back Hairstyle Selection - ( Sweetheart Slicked Back Hairstyle, White Slicked Back Hairstyle, Black Slicked Back Hairstyle, Umber Slicked Back Hairstyle )
Disheveled Bangs Selection - ( Sweetheart Disheveled Bangs, White Disheveled Bangs, Black Disheveled Bangs, Umber Disheveled Bangs )
Artisanal Lipsticks Selection - ( Frost Soft Lipstick, Dusk Soft Lipstick, Sky Soft Lipstick, Lapis Soft Lipstick )
Skull Mask Selection - ( Time Skull Mask )
Centaur Body Selection - ( Luminous Centaur Body )
Circuitry Selection - ( Void Circuitry )
Spirit-Touched Hair Selection - ( Obsidian Spirit-Touched Bangs, Chrome Spirit-Touched Bangs )
Business Pants Selection - ( Black Pinstripe Pants )
Rainsoaked Hair Selection - ( White Rainsoaked Hair )
Bedtime Plush Selection - ( Bedtime Flame Point Cat Buddy, Bedtime Slasher Plush )
Fluffy Mohawk Selection - ( Gray Fluffy Mohawk, Cobalt Fluffy Mohawk )
Fluffy Beard Selection - ( Gray Fluffy Beard, Black Fluffy Beard )
Short Wavy Hairstyle Selection - ( Cobalt Short Wavy Hairstyle )

Star Hoodie Selection - ( Rose Bush Star Hoodie, Black Star Hoodie )
Mismatched Kneehigh Sneakers Selection - ( Rose Bush Mismatched Kneehigh Sneakers )

Mug Selection - ( Hyacinth Heart Mug )
Space Fluffy Undercut
Cobalt Celestial Updo

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