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New Premium Items: Solarium Access!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 06, 2019
Greetings, all -- I am Commander Q. Kyprian of the Cosmic Solarium, and it is my honor to make our first official transmission through the Black Hole. I am most pleased to announce that thus far, the trade agreements between the Cosmic Solarium and the Remnants of Earth have been well-received by all, allowing all of us to enrich each other's cultural and historical understanding while we mutually benefit from egalitarian trade.

Given this success, the Cosmic Solarium Bridge Crew has decided to make a Premium update to our trading charters, allowing touristic visits once more. Please permit me to demonstrate some of the many amenities that our fine Solarium has to offer, such as a wide selection of new Pick A Part: NPC Shop Banners.

When you first arrive, you will dock in our newly-refurbished shuttle bay. Please pay no attention to Elliot's Shop Banner off to your left… That particular shuttle area is, ah... rarely used, nowadays, and entirely off-limits to civilians.

Instead, we recommend taking our reconstructed high-speed elevators directly from the shuttle bay up to our beautiful Crust. While ascending, you may enjoy observing a brief holo-presentation about the historical significance of RiGBy's Shop Banner, where numerous transmissionbots used to control all communications between the Solarium and pre-Ultranoval Earth.

Once in the Crust, you may admire our stunning Terraces in Marisol's Shop Banner, where our botanists are busy growing their ingenious new inventions. Of course, no visit to the Terraces would be complete without a stroll past Beebot's Shop Banner, where all of our busy pollenbots are hard at work.

If you have brought young children along on your touristic visit, never fear: the caretaker droids who you’ll find in nurseries like Xenia's Shop Banner will be prepared to babysit while you continue your tour of the station.

Finally, our most illustrious tourists may gain access to my own Kyprian's Shop Banner, which will afford them the opportunity to view a beautiful expanse of stars. Please note that currently, due to certain… ah... recent occurrences, Kith companions will not be granted clearance to enter the Bridge. We do apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause.

If you cannot afford the touristic rates of travel, do not be concerned. Our most skilled technicians have prepared several broadcast backgrounds in the Solar Scrying Spell Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Solar Scrying Spell Badge that you may equip in order to feel as though you are traveling among the stars with us, all while remaining in your Remnant of choice. These include the Upper Crust Scrying Spell, the Inner Core Scrying Spell, and finally, the Bridge Archives Scrying Spell.

On behalf of all members of the Solarium, I am very pleased to be able to offer all of these amenities for a extremely reasonable Gem price. Our new trading partner, Mr. Nicholas Artois of Hope University, has kindly offered to sell all of these Premium items in his Headmaster’s Office.

Finally, I am honored to announce that, as a show of good faith, the Bridge Crew is even considering allowing access to the Cosmic Kitchen sometime this month… Although there are certainly many preparations that must first be completed. Discussions with the kitchen chemists are well underway, so we shall certainly keep you all appraised. And who knows... perhaps, sometime in the future, we may even uncover some Secrets together...?

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