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Cooking, version 2

Written by Admin  Posted on August 17, 2016
Overcooked, Overhauled!

Announcing some BIG changes to Cooking! We heard your feedback and made some major changes to the Cooking feature to improve clarity and fun. Let me go over each change one by one:

1. Tools are now layered correctly! We realized AFTER y’all started playtesting that the dang layers ordered based on when you equipped each Tool, instead of being manually set to the appropriate layer. They SHOULD all be fixed now! No more squashed Kith toes! Please clear your cache and reload the Cooking page, and let me know if your Kitchen has any Tools that are still layering incorrectly.

2. Recipes no longer have Level restrictions. As long as you meet the requirements (the proper ingredients, Tools, and the Recipe itself) you can make it! The items were divided up so arbitrarily that we realized it was an unnecessary aspect of the craft. It’s already plenty hard to collect the Recipes and Tools to learn how to make something, and then you have to pick up new ingredients each time you make it. Hopefully this helps make Cooking way more enjoyable! No more waiting on levels!

3. So what do levels do now? We’ve added cumulative Kith reward bonuses to levels! For every Recipe you make, your Kith earns attribute points. As you skill up, those attribute points increase based on your level! So, a newbie chef can teach their Kith little by little, while a master chef can teach their Kith at a much faster rate.

4. Recipes are now sorted differently. We’ve changed the tabs around so that by default, you always see your Known Recipes first on the page, and you can click through the tabs to see Unknown/All. Any Unknown Recipes are now grayed out so you can tell at a glance what you’ve still got left to collect. You can also view the requirements of Unknown Recipes on the Cooking page, so you’ll know what to buy!

5. Recipes have different art than their products. This should help distinguish between an Apple Pie, and an Apple Pie Recipe, at a single glance rather than having to double-check the item name before you buy.

6. Pagination now works without reloading the whole page. This actually applies across the entire site! You can scroll through your Recipes, your Inventory, and even your Kith’s Profile widgets without having to reload the page each time! This should make browsing the site much easier on you and on our servers. This doesn’t apply to the Forums, since we do want those pages to reload every time.

WOW! Holy smokes, that’s a lot. Please let us know what you think! We greatly appreciate all your excellent feedback. Happy cooking! :)

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