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New Items: May User Submissions!!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 15, 2019
Club? Club?! Where are you girl?

((Help! I'm stuck! It's dark and smells like old books in here!))
I warned you about leaving those moving boxes everywhere! Ugh, it'll take me all day to find her at this rate. Book boxes were in the... living room? Unless it was just a repackaged box then...ugh, she could be anywhere...

Well, Club ain't going anywhere fast, so I can take a sit and introduce y'all to the mid-month user item submission update. I got some extra special news at the end that Club was going to introduce; her loss.

Long Tails Selection - ( Umber Long Tails )
Side Braid Selection - ( Crimson Side Braid )
Magic Summon Selection - ( Monochrome Dream Magic Summon )
White Crescent Moon Hair Pin

Warlock Armor Selection - ( Garnet Pinup Warlock Armor, Amethyst Pinup Warlock Armor, Silver Pinup Warlock Armor, Jade Pinup Warlock Armor, Quartz Pinup Warlock Armor )
Bedtime Plush Selection - ( Purple Bedtime Raccoon Plush, Bedtime Green Nibblug Plush, Bedtime Gray Lumence Plush, Bedtime Pink Ulusive Plush, Bedtime Heartwood Cinis Plush, Bedtime Palamander Plush, Bedtime Prehistoric Gemwing Plush )
Cigarette Smoke Selection - ( White Smoke Cigarette, Black Smoke Cigarette, Gray Smoke Cigarette )
Pinstripe Suit Jacket Selection - ( Pink Pinstripe Suit Jacket, Gray Pinstripe Suit Jacket, White Pinstripe Suit Jacket )
Business Pants Selection - ( White Pinstripe Pants, Gray Pinstripe Pants, Pink Pinstripe Pants )

Basic Black Clip-On Tie
Wine Smoking Jacket
Black Fiend Horns

Bling Crop Hoodie Selection - ( Hyacinth Bling Crop Hoodie, Hot Pink Bling Crop Hoodie )
Mismatched Kneehigh Sneakers Selection - ( Black Kneehigh Sneakers )

Moth King of Moths:
Pink Fairy Kei Hair Clips

First Time Submitter!dicedicedice:
Lavender Anime Bow

And I'm very happy to present two special recolors from everyone's favorite university nurse: the Hyacinth Simple Paper Fan and Hyacinth Silk Stockings have been added not to my store, but to their proper tailoring patterns. A little early recolor update while I try to figure out what box Club has gotten herself trapped under. Hopefully not the only re-color update this month, but at least I know a certain darling site artist has our back should the rabbit be left to rot.

((Wait? What? What are you saying? Shady... I don't think I'm alone in the box? I hear scratching? Junior? Junior is that you? YEEEEEAAAAAAAH!!! THAT'S NOT JUNIOR!!!))

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