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Splatter Hoodies by stopboorider won the Prism Party Clothing Design Spotlight! With all these colours being thrown, may I offer you an arsenal and some skin protection?
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New Items: "April" Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 01, 2019
Owwwww, my everything hurts... Do any of you understand how hard it is to move when you have a whole upload pile to take with you? Junior even chewed through my support pillar of pizza boxes and our whole bedroom came crashing down. Thankfully I knew this move was coming up and managed to get this month's recolors done early. I'm actually really happy with this set! I'm just sorry it is coming a day late, the move itself was just very messy and painful in a way I wasn't expecting.

Director's Jacket now comes in the colors Monochrome, Luminous, and the greatly-requested Fog. To match that you can also get the Director's Pants also in Monochrome, and Luminous.
Not wanting to leave out the Count, you can get his pants in both colors as well!

Diva's Dress has always been a popular request for recolors or cut jobs and I'm happy to bring you the full dress in the colors Starlit, Graveglow, and Luminous! (I bet you guys are starting to see a theme here...) I'm also sneaking in a tiny Graveglow expansion for both the Songstress's Skirt and Chorus Line Skirt!

Man, after this move I need a vacation. Maybe I should take Junior down to the Coral Reef to relax. We can show off this expansion for the Ocean Ruffle Skirt! You can now craft them in Undertow, Tidal, Monochrome, Kelp Green, Coral, Beachy, and everyone's favorite color to point out, Ocean.

Yeah, I bet Junior will be able to collect all kinds of teeth washing up on the shore so we can make these brand new Shark Tooth Necklace and Shark Tooth Crown items! We are going to need a lot to make Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Gray, Brown, Blue, Black, Edgy, and Prism! Like... a lot of teeth. Good thing sharks keep growing them back.

Yeah, a vacation sounds real nice... once I finish unpacking everything...

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