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Bone Apple Tea by Ruevian won the Item Design Spotlight! Thespians across the Shadow Stage love settling in for bed with a hot cup of poison. The bones give it an extra special flavor!
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Code Update: 4/2/19

Written by Admin  Posted on April 01, 2019
Hello again, everyone! I am so excited to bring you today's code update: Maxed Personality Icons and User Shops!

The Maxed Personality Icons are a small update to the Kith Profile Page, which will display a colorful heart icon next to their Personality if it has reached the maximum of 100 and become "locked in" to that Personality type.

The BIG, exciting update is our shiny new User Shops! You each now have your own User Shop that's linked on your User Profile, which you can customize in your Settings. You can use emoji and some limited HTML for links and images in the description area here - I'm excited to see what "storefronts" you all come up with!

Each store has three tabs: Custom Clothing, Custom Kith, and Marketplace Lots.

The Custom Clothing and Custom Kith tabs will allow our amazing custom artists to sell and showcase their creations at any time, instead of having to wait for a restock in Backstage Broker. The items are listed here at a 25% markup, the same commission rate that the artist gets from each sale, both as a precaution against buying your own items to earn a commission, and as a pay-for-convenience feature like that of the "Buy an Item" Kith Activity. Please note that we did have to add an automatic forced rounding to these numbers in order to get the shops to work correctly, so numbers that divide into a decimal will round down to the closest whole number. For example, an item that costs 23 Gems will show up for sale in your User Shop for 27 Gems and will earn you a commission of 5 Gems with each sale, even though 23*0.25=5.75.

The Marketplace Lots allows users to browse your specific lots for sale. Both tabs have a simplified Search feature that allow you to search for a specific item/lot name within the User Shop.

Hopefully this is a helpful step forward for all of our creative salespeople! We're still considering other ways to "advertise" this feature around the site, like adding a link to the dropdown on the Users Online page, so please let us know if you have any ideas in the Suggestions Forum! As usual, if you run into any technical issues with this new update, please report it in the Technical Support Forum.

Thank you all again for helping make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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