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Event Update: Home Again

Written by Admin  Posted on March 20, 2019


This is… uh, this is my final livestream from the Cosmic Solarium.

The Commander and the Bridge Crew have finalized the last of the trading d-documents, so… there’s not much left for me to do here. I’ve just finished saying goodbye to Rigby and the others, so… I g-guess… after all of this, I’m… heading home.


All that I have to do now is b-board this shuttle out to where the Ulusives will escort me-


W-wait… Nibblug?

Hey, I’m glad that I g-got to see you before I left. I went looking for you earlier today, but no matter where I searched, I couldn’t-

HYPOTHESIS: Lycus should not leave!


EVIDENCE: Lycus = possibly in danger during travels!

I mean… m-maybe? But the Ulusives will be escorting my shuttle, so that should keep me just as safe as when I first arrived…

But…. But! EVIDENCE: traveling through the Tatters = very long journey, which will be boring for Lycus!

Oh… Actually, the Solarium is letting me drive one of their shuttles b-back to Hope, so it should go very quickly this time. And anyway, I’ve got… a lot to think about…

But! But… EVIDENCE: previous statistics show there are no Kith lab assistants for Lycus back in Hope! And… and…

And Nibblug…

Nibblug shall miss Lycus too much.

Oh… Nibblug, I… I’m sorry, but I do have to leave. I’ll miss you too, but lots of people are waiting for me b-back home, and I... wait... um... unless, th-that is…

What if… you came with me?

You see, in Hope, n-none of the Kith there wanted to perform experiments with me, but if you- if you wanted- we c-could form an Alliance, and keep working together, and you’d have lots of new delicious items to, uh, “research”…

W-would you… like that?

…Truly? Lycus truly wishes to continue research alongside Nibblug in a new land?


Really? YESS!! Th-this- this is f-fantastic! Nibblug, there’s so much about Hope that you’re going to love, I know it! Here, do you have enough snacks for the journey? Let me help you into the shuttle… Iris will teach you everything you need to know, and Piper, she's m-my sister, she might want your help cleaning up spills in the Arcade, and- and... Ah, I’m g-getting ahead of myself. Maybe we should just focus on the ride…

Wow… we really ARE g-going fast. By these calculations, it seems like we’re almost there! It’s hard to believe…

…Er, you okay, Nibblug? You, uh, haven’t taken a bite of that latest computer chip in a few m-minutes. Is something on your mind?

Lycus? Perhaps… now that Nibblug = a new researcher, journeying beyond the stars… Possibly helping Lycus to be published in some of the peer-reviewed academic journals that Lycus has cited in his aspirations… Does Lycus think that Nibblug could maybe choose a specific designation for themselves?

Oh! Is that all? If you w-want to, absolutely, you should pick a name. Or, did you want m-me to pick a name? I, uh, I'd have to think- um. D-did you have any ideas?

HYPOTHESIS: the most suitable designation for this Nibblug is… Um…

HYPOTHESIS: this Nibblug shall be named… Ummmm….


I shall be Nibblug, designation: Hypothesis!

Eh...? Nibblug... that's... that's perfect! Mwahaha!

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