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Happily Ever After by Gloria won the Art Spotlight! And they all lived ever after. No... that's not right, let's try again.
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Event Update: Elliot

Written by Admin  Posted on March 14, 2019

Mr. Grant? …Elliot? Uh, if that’s actually what your name is… Apparently you wanted me to come down to the Core to t-talk to you about something? I’ve, uh, I’ve shut off my long-range livestream, so I’m not broadcasting this conversation back home. I know how you feel about your technological secrets, and, er… your privacy…

L-listen, I’m really sorry that I mentioned you to the Commander when you told me that I shouldn’t… I just got carried away in the moment. I realized it was a m-mistake right away.

…B-but the good news is, it sounds like he really trusts your judgement? I mean… certainly he got much more receptive to the things that I had to say. So don’t worry, it didn’t sabotage our r-relief efforts. In fact, I believe it was pretty beneficial, because… a few hours ago, I received a transmission from one of his crew members, saying that they’ve granted our Remnants provisional permission to trade with the Solarium! There’s a big set of regulatory d-documents attached, of course, but still — this will make a big difference to all the people we’ve met, from broken robots like Rigby to botanists like Marisol! Easier access to food, tons of tools and materials, and all the water you can imagine!

So… um… it all worked out.

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