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Event Update: Kyprian

Written by Admin  Posted on March 06, 2019

Listen, Goggles. I know you’ve been busy tinkering with your precious event livestream, but… I wanted to talk to you. About your resource shipments. I heard you say that you and that botanist have been trying to put together evidence to give to the Bridge Crew, to try to win them over with logic and helpfulness. Well. Don’t bother. That bunch of sun-drenched Upper Crust hypocrites will drown you in so much useless bureaucracy that you’d have an easier time breathing outside the airlock than shaking off their regulations.

But… I can’t believe I’m saying this…

I happen to know that K- uh, that the Commander spends a lot of time in his private Bridge Archives, when he needs to clear his head or whatever. *koff*… *hchh*… He’s the only one of the whole batch who’s not completely worthless, and it’s damn certain that he’s perfectly sunny about putting his faith in the wrong people, so he might just hear you out. Maybe. If you catch him at the right time.

Just — don’t take your alien slug up there with you. You hear me? If I give you override access to get into the Bridge, you can’t bring that thing anywhere near him. And I’ll be watching, so if it looks like you’re so much as considering hurting Kyp- the Commander, I will literally eject you into space without a helmet. Okay? I don’t care if I have to escort you into the Black Hole myself, I won’t let you lay so much as a finger on him.

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