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Event Update: Marisol & Beebot

Written by Admin  Posted on February 28, 2019
Good afternoon... evening? ...Uh, it's Lycus, with the l-latest livestream update from the Terrace of the Cosmic Solarium. Xenia brought us here, but then she had to step away to take care of baby Casey, so I thought it might be a good time for us to c-catch up...

Thank you all s-so much for your relief efforts! All of the equipment and repair tools that you've all been sending through the Tatters have really been helping Rigby rebuild themselves and much of the other broken technology in the Core. And, uh, we've been doing okay here in the Crust, too, although I'm... g-getting a little sick of the Banana Milk that Mom keeps sending... I know she worries about my potassium intake, b-but... why not Cereal Milk instead... Uh, we're very grateful for all the food shipments, though! Hopefully we will be p-permitted to distribute them to a wider group of citizens soon.

HYPOTHESIS: delicious foods = most vital part of Hope University relief effort! EVIDENCE: every drill, wrench, and hammer that has been sampled by elite scientist team has been certified to = tasty source of sustenance, with very nice crunch!

WHAT? Nibblug, no! We t-talked about this! You need to stop sampling all of them; you've got to ensure that every experiment that you conduct has a viable control group, or you'll have no chance of being featured in a peer-reviewed journal-

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