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Ode to a Princess by Dread won the Writing Spotlight!
If storm come again, or threat from above
I will be there with a hand and a sword
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Site Contest Winners: February 2019

Written by Admin  Posted on February 25, 2019
Oof... so many boxes to haul... so many Palentine’s gifts... I shoulda become an NPC years ago!

Everyone brought their best hustle to the February Site Contest, and I expect to make a hefty profit- uh, I mean, I’m happy to support their heartwarming craftsmanship. Put yer hands together for the winners of this month's Site Contest... Flower Basket Veilious by Haiz in the Custom Kith Design category, and Notice Me, Senpai! by Ruevian in the Custom Costume Design category.

Since you guys went and earned the most Cheers on your entry, you'll receive the bright, shiny, and very exclusive In the Spotlight Achievement, as well as the Spotlight T-Shirt and Spotlight Showcase. Hey, if either of you wanna sell those collector’s items to a certain interested buyer, be sure to lemme know, will ya? You've also won the Custom Clothing Submission and Custom Kith Stage Submission items for your entries. Once those come my way, me and my good pal Fray are gonna start stocking these designs in our fine establishments, Kith Fashions and The Backstage Broker, so come on by and buy!

I’m gonna go ahead and stick the winning threads in the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while all other entries are gonna be moved to the Past Contest Entries Forum.

Now, I think that-UH- Oh, hey, uh, lookit the time, I gotta run for, unspecified personal reasons...

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