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Of Kith and Memories by Dread won the Kith Spotlight! But trying to decide who to showcase is always such a difficult task, every one of my allies I hold dear and we share so much together…That’s why you should showcase ME!!!
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New Items: Socks!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 10, 2016
What’s That Smell?

So Miranda and I were having lunch together and she brought up a rather disturbing topic. Is... is it true that none of you own any socks? Like, at all? This whole time I thought the sockless look was just in right now for some reason, not that there was a severe sock drought. Well that does explain why so many of you have been burning through loafers and tennis shoes so quickly...Okay, okay, we can fix this. I'm going to put out a whole load of fresh, clean socks and then the rest of you can choose to include them in your daily wear or not. But for the sake of your shoes I hope you do consider them.

I'll be stocking Tailored Fashions with Ankle Socks and Boot Socks for your daily wear, plus warmer Knee Socks and Thigh High Socks for those of you who enjoy wearing shorts and skirts. I'll even put out those Silk Stockings I've been getting ready in case you have a nice event or presentation to give at the university.

Just, please, if you are all lacking some vital piece of clothing let me know! Next thing I am going to hear you all have had your underwear savaged by the Kith and are going commando...

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