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Event Update: Xenia

Written by Admin  Posted on February 19, 2019
Okay, livestream v-viewers, we’re continuing our travels through the Cosmic Solarium, and we’re almost out of the Core… Although SOMEBODY k-keeps shouting at us about it… Anyway, I estimate that we’re getting pretty close to Rigby’s friend Xenia-

Assessment = correct! Nibblug has calculated that Lycus is 2.07 minutes from entering Automated Nursery Designation Code 4A62XEN, according to this delectable holo-map data drive!

N-no, wait, Nibblug, that’s n-not for nibbling.. uh… just be patient? I'd guess that the Automated Nursery will have lots of things that are safe to chew, er, pr-provided that we make the assumption that Solarium babies act like my little sister used to… Ah! This-this should be the c-correct grate!

Wh... whoa? Everything looks so p-perfect up here... it's hard to look at this and remember that e-everything's falling apart down below... I wonder why they have such a drastic divide... Do you think that's on purpose? The way that PA System was talking, maybe... I-I better hurry up, j-just in case. Let's see, um, so where's the building where Xenia lives.. Is this it? I hope this is it....

Hello? Xenia? Red t-told me that you’d be ready to meet us…

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