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Taro Reviews the Cosmic Solarium by Gryphling won the Kith Spotlight! So my kith, Taro, kind of demanded me to enter her in this contest? She's got a laugh like an anime villain, so I don't like to say no to her...
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Palentine's Day

Written by Admin  Posted on February 13, 2019
Now's not the time for sleeping! It's Palentine's Day!

Yes, it's here, it's finally here, the most magical time of year! Tee hee, listen to me, I'm a poet and I didn't know it~! As all my close friends know, Palentine's Day is my favorite holiday of them all. Not only do you get to celebrate all the most special people in your life, you get to do it in style, too!

For those of you who've never joined us for Palentine's Day, it's not just romantic. Palentine's is a time to give gifts to everyone you love, be they friend or family or - tee hee - your heart's deepest desire~

There's a lot of us who will be taking some time today to browse the Forums and catch up with our favorite users, so don't be shy! Tag any character you'd like to talk to! Remember to add " [npc]" to our tags inside the brackets, like this: @Robin [npc]. I can't wait to hear from you!

Oooooh, and now the most fun part of the reveal...! TADAH! Oooh, isn't it lovely? My new outfit, I mean! When I saw these sketches, I jumped on the chance to be the first to model them! Andre was taken aback - well, and I knocked his teacup over by accident, so maybe he was just avoiding the spill - but still! He did such a wonderful job this year, don't you think? Be sure to tell him just how much you admire all this gorgeous handiwork!!

...Andre? Andre, quit hiding back there! This is the part where you come out to thunderous applause! Oh, Andre, come on, it's not so bad, I promise. Here, we'll both make a grand entrance together. Hold my hand. I've got you! Big smile! You can do it!

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