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New Items: Gingerbread Bake-Off 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on December 28, 2018
Happily holidays everyone! Most of the Moderator staff have slipped off to spend time with Kith and kin, and all this talk about a new Remnant has had me thinking about those we've already reached out to and made connections with. New friends are great, but old ones still need care and attention too.

For me, this time of year always means one thing: baked goods. Baking them, selling them, stocking supplies for them – it's a never-ending process. So I packed up some care packages and bribed some of the Kith you sent to help me on their Daily Activity into playing courier. Each care package had my original gingerbread recipe included and the base ingredients to make it, along with a small friendly challenge. Cookies are child's play, but a real feat of architectural prowess? That is one way to settle who's got the best kitchen in any Remnant.

So to be fair, since I have no idea what scheme the others might have, I've prepared a nice and simple Classic Gingerbread House Recipe for the Dormitory Kitchen for them to learn from. Cute, right? And now we'll get to see what all the other cooks from afar have made to eat.

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