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Experiment Progress Update

Written by Admin  Posted on December 21, 2018
H-hello? Is this camera working? I’m here at the edge of the Tatters for Thread Experiment #472.1c. I’ve now m-managed to upgrade the technology that I was using to create my previous recordings for the Artois Audio Log 01, Artois Audio Log 02, Artois Audio Log: Corrupted and Artois Audio Log 04. If all goes well, this will create my first-ever live video stream of an experiment in the field, and record it d-directly back to my Lab for later analysis!

N-now, I want to make it very clear to anyone who is w-watching this - especially if they’re on the Review C-Committee - that I am not yet attempting to recreate the invacuous weaving process that resulted in the, uh, unexpected p-power surge from my experiment several months ago. I’ve spent all this time on probation reviewing every safety precaution. I even consulted with Lenta on their recent visit to Hope, and they suggested some a-alterations to my calculations that have great potential.

So! Today we are simply here at the edge of the T-Tatters to do some exceedingly s-safe, v-very cautious readings on the area where the insubstantial Tatters form themselves into solid ground. My hypothesis is that these readings will enable me to uncover which variables were not accounted for in that ill-fated experiment. I’ve spent the past w-week building and recalibrating a portable version of my Stabilization Detector. It should- um, should now be able to take several “pings” of the Tatters and return detailed results about any anomalies that it uncovers.

H-Here we go… Engaging at 12%... 29%.... 36%- w-wait! What? NO! System Failure?!

Argh!! Um, n-nothing to worry about here, nothing dangerous or, uh, review-worthy! The m-machine’s just calibrated badly; when it was sweeping the area, it recorded an unexpected s-spike of energy within the Tatters, but there’s n-nothing that would actually have an energy signature with a reading that high, so it’s just a false alarm. Just n-need to do some quick adjustments to f-fix the calibration! No problems here!

Okay, engaging at 9%... 15%... 22%... 36%- ARGH! AGAIN?! W-what is causing this energy spike?! Nothing that I’ve tested before is even in the same range! And… is it in the same spot as before? Did.. Did Lenta’s math break my math. Do we have different math??

Hmmm… Okay, for now, I’m a-adjusting the calibration to account for a much higher energy frequency, and directing it at the “location” of this theoretical energy spike. H-hopefully that will smooth out the readings and…?

W-what? The energy spikes are… increasing in frequency? Almost as if… something’s… getting c-closer…?! W-wait, is something flying out of the Tatters? What is-


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