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Our Lady of Perpetual Roses by Ruevian won the Avatar Spotlight! In a hidden garden stands a forgotten artifact, frozen in time and gradually being overtaken by roses and greenery.
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Code Update: 12/18/18

Written by Admin  Posted on December 18, 2018
Sweeping up a few little bugs in the Games today brings an update to Hoof It and Counting Cards.

Hoof It was only granting Power, and should now grant points to the lowest ability. Due to how the game selects which ability is lowest, if you score multiple ability points you may notice that the Game Over screen will only display 1 of your earned abilities next to the total number of points. (So for example, if you earned 1 Speed and 1 Guard, it might show 2 Guard.) This is a bit of a complex bug due to how I made games way back in the day! ;) I'll keep working on a solution, but for now we have the ability rewards fixed even if the display is off.

Counting Cards had a similar display issue, where if you earned multiple ability points you would see an incorrect display on the Game Over screen. This has been fixed for Counting Cards (which handles rewards differently than Hoof It does) so you should now see ALL your earned ability points after reaching the Game Over screen.

As always with updates, you may find new and interesting bugs appear when we try to fix things! Please report any issues to the Technical Support forum. Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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