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New Items: Snow Day!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 14, 2018
Yo, Lycus! C’mon bro, open the University Lab door! Hey, just ‘cause the Review Committee whatsitcalled is finally allowing you to experiment again is NOT an excuse to stop coming home. It’s been like six days, and we’ve barely seen you, are you sleeping on the floor in there?! Mom and Dad say you better not just be eating cereal!

Lyyyyyyyycus, open up!!!

Look, I know you missed doing hands-on experiments over the past coupla months. And the notes you showed me, the ones with your calculations for hypothetically breaking down materials into raw Tatters, they all seemed super interesting! Er, for you. But… It wasn’t all bad being on probation, right? I mean, we got to hang out way more than we usually do! I just… kinda thought we could maybe keep doing cool stuff together, even when you were allowed to get back to work…

See, I even designed some epic new winter toys for us! Check it out, we got a new DIY Snowman Kit!!! Remember that time a buncha years ago, back when I was in elementary school, when we made a whole group of scientist snowmen together and you did all those silly voices? Remember Evil Professor Popsicle?! “Summer shall be cancelled with my new weather-controlling Refrigeration Ray! MWAHAHA!!” Hahaha… Ha…

Nothing? C’mon… Oh! Look at this Classic Wooden Sled we can ride together! You can even bring your notebooks out with you, and I’ll just drag you around on it, the way you used to do for me and Seeba when I was super little. All you gotta do is hold on for dear life, haha!

Orrrrr if that doesn't sound fun, we could do a sledding experiment together! Like, you could ride this Deluxe Plastic Sled and I could jump on this Plastic Disc Sled and we can test our hypotheses for which one is the fastest with lots and lots of races! Whaddya say?!

(…Moooooom, Daaaaaad, he won’t even answer the door! What do I do?!)

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