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404 Link Not Found by GrayEmbers won the Kith Spotlight!
Kith #404 is Link, who can usually be found adventuring through dungeons or cooking food in the comfort of his enchanted kitchen.
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New Premium Items: Kith Stages

Written by Admin  Posted on December 05, 2018
Greenman preserve me, that trip through the Tatters was… quite the journey… that is to say, I did not expect it to be quite so… disorienting. Ah… hah… Thank you, Valon. You were so brave, leading us to Hope with remarkable intuition. Here, please, your Highness, allow me to help you off of Valon’s back. Headmaster Nicholas should be meeting the three of us at any moment- Ah, here he comes now.

Hello, Nicholas. I trust - no - I hope that you and your family are well? We are so grateful- It means so much to us that you were able to come greet us in person. Valon and I are honored to accompany Princess Celariel on her very first diplomatic mission to Hope. It is truly elucidating to view your town through my own eyes, rather than those borrowed during a Scrying spell. I admit that I have been curious about some of Lycus’s more recent projects, which sound... Well. He sent me a somewhat vague message alluding to some theoretical breakthroughs that seem intriguing indeed… But first, I have my duties to tend to.

To show our gratitude for your accommodations, and as a sign of the continued friendship between our two Remnants, we have brought a special gift for you and the citizens of Hope to celebrate the passing of the seasons.

When the first snows of winter descend upon the Enchanted Forest, blanketing the earth and covering the branches with shimmering frosts, it is traditional for us to exchange certain magical blossoms to those with whom we are closest. Because these flowers must be carefully cultivated to keep them alive despite the frigid temperatures, they represent- rather, each is a symbol of our willingness to care for and cherish the ones that we love. Furthermore, the blossoms are… well. Each flower has a great historical significance attached to it, and the Enchanted Forest Kith often re-enact those stories as entertainment when the winter weather makes it difficult to go outside.

Now, Princess Celariel would like to present the flowers that we have chosen for Hope.

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