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Code Update: 11/13/18

Written by Admin  Posted on November 13, 2018
We’ve got a LOT of big updates to bring you today! A number of pages across the site have received some helpful improvements, including the whole of Hope itself! As a warning, these updates may take a few hours to fully process for every user. You may notice the site running slowly today, but everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

After a lot of consideration, we decided that Hope was growing too big for a single Remnant. Having 10+ shops on a single menu was getting unwieldy! We thought about various ways to split things up and decided that in this case, function was a priority over the lore/story behind a shared map, especially considering the confusion new users can run into when discovering that some shops don’t work the same as others. With that in mind, we have split the Hope shops up in the menu into Hope Shops and Hope Special Shops. We did want to keep an element of lore present, so the Hope map for both areas has been updated to link to both, regardless of shop type.

You'll also notice that the Shop Menu on the Explore pages now mirrors the format of the Reputation page, giving you an easy view of your Reputation and the Details of each Character there.

Speaking of easy - check out our home page! We've added some "notes" that can help guide new users to the answers for some common questions and problems they run into. Nicholas' shop, the Headmaster's Office, has also gotten these notes to help direct users to the Previews for whatever it is they want from the Premium shop.

Those of you who have been looking for Quest history can rejoice at our brand new Quest History page! You'll notice the Quest pop-up has also received a face lift, allowing you to view the Requirement text even after Completing or Rejecting the Quest. We are working on updating Quests in the near future so that the Overview section will have a brief explanation of the Quest that highlights its requirements and rewards, to better guide newbies toward which Quests they want to pursue. I am also working with Lightsky on a process that will allow previously-completed Unique Quests to show up in your Quest History, which is part of what may cause some slowness on the site today.

In terms of some minor fixes, we've corrected the "Search Marketplace" button on item pop-ups so that it no long breaks into two pieces. On the My Custom Clothing page, we've fixed the bug that happened when going to another page of your submissions.

As is always the case with large updates like this, you may encounter new and unusual bugs in the code! Please report any strangeness to the Technical Support Forum, and do not continue to exploit any bug that breaks the site, such as by duplicating items or warping the page view. This Quest update in particular may show some odd behavior - please report those bugs immediately so I can fix them for you!

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