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New Premium Items: Autumn Jackets

Written by Admin  Posted on November 02, 2018
Brrrr! Even with Halloweave behind us, a chill still hangs in the air! I don't think that's from ghosts and ghouls any more, but rather the warning breath of winter upon us! With the temperature dropping so quickly it's important that everyone bundles up to keep nice and warm. Of course a hoodie isn't everyone’s idea of proper fashion so I am very happy to be able to provide four new jacket styles to students!

The Caramel Fluffy Jacket might not be the longest jacket, but the extravagantly fluffy collar is guaranteed to keep your neck warm. I'd recommend wearing this one with a nice heavyweight long sleeve shirt or sweater underneath, but I am sure there are some of you who are willing to have a stomach covered with goosebumps in the name of fashion.

If you like the fluff but not the breeze, let me show off the new Caramel Pilot Jacket. A real classic design, this jacket has proven to be a timeless look. I think they were just as popular during my grandparents' days as they are now.

Something a bit more modern would be the Caramel Puffy Jacket. You all seemed to like those puffy hoodies we have so much that I thought we'd try something in a similar vein but a bit more sleek. These jackets work great against early fall snows as well, as they provide a decent level of water resistance. Just don't go standing out in the rain without an umbrella! The nurse's office is already working to combat this year's outbreak of the flu. (Don't forget your flu shot!)

Finally we have a personal favorite of mine. When I was a young man, I had a collection of Caramel Rocker Jackets just in case I managed to tear up the first one. I still consider it my lucky jacket even if the old thing doesn't quite zip up in the front any more, hoho! Luckily I've put on enough winter weight to make up for it in blubber!

You can pick up one jacket for 200 Gems in the Pick A Part: Autumn Jacket Badge or you can get one of each jacket for 600 Gems with the Autumn Jacket Badge Bundle.

Also, we are thinking about pushing back the premium releases to the 5th of each month rather than the 2nd. We have been having a lot more content coming out on the last of the month now that we have so many user submissions and a bit more breather room between the two might be a good idea.
Let us know what you think about a change of dates down below!

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