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More Freckle Colors! by GrayEmbers won the Recolor Design Spotlight!
You know what's a really good Look? Freckles are. Do you ever find yourself wishing your freckles matched your outfit a little better?
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New Items: October Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 31, 2018
HAPPY HALLOWEAVE! (I feel like I've been saying that a lot this month!)
It's the 31st! The spookiest day of the year! Doubly so if you are me because it's recolor and user submission day! Shady and I have quite the pile to go over today so I hope you all have enough snacks to last you!

I wanna start with a very special recolor to show you. As you might know, Runery has joined our little happy team here and I wanted to make some new recolors to celebrate her joining our crew! She requested some special vibrant recolors of the woven sunhat which was previously in muted colors only. You'll now be able to craft yourself a Spirit Woven Hat, Red Woven Hat, Yellow Woven Hat, Indigo Woven Hat, Lapis Woven Hat, Orange Woven Hat, and the extra special Pink Woven Hat.
I hope these live up to everything you dreamed of, Runery!
((You'll have to wait for a less busy month for those one-ear recolors of the Thespian ears.))

I also wanted to continue my streak of creating new plain recolors that will add to everyone's ability to layer. I am happy to present the new item, Spirit Plain Skirt! Oooo! Aaaaaaah! It comes in the full range of 24 Hope colors so there should be something for all you skirt-wearers no matter your color scheme.

Also, since I had said in the Recolor Suggestions thread in the Behind the Scenes Subscription area that I'd be focusing on one-off recolors this month, I have some of those as well so I'm not a total liar! (yaaaay technicalities!)

Since I was already working on skirts, there was a request from the Mistress of Wigs, the Madam of Making-me-a-much-flatter-bun-with-a-thousand-hair-submissions-added-to-the-pile, the one, the only, Ruevian, for a Spirit Tartan Skirt. Well there you go! Wish granted! I hope this fuels your creativity to make even more beautiful Custom Clothing Submissions.

I also got tagged not just here on site, but on Twitter as well for a certain magical amulet of rainbows. Well, sadly I couldn't do that. But what I could do was both a Prism Magic Amulet and Spectrum Magic Amulet instead! Enjoy, all lovers of rainbows - you can thank Haiz for reminding me about this submission!

Speaking of submissions, we've got some fantastic new items from you users in stock! I'm going to let Shady take over for this bit and start frantically shoving them all onto the shelves while you are all distracted!

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