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Masked by Rogue won the Gallery Spotlight! A Mask can hold a thousand stories... Some sad, some bad, and some just too confusing to mention. But they have a role to reveal to the dear audience and to distract others from pain and hurt, or to add to merriment and joy.

Until the next one is required...!
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Hope Anniversary Finale

Written by Admin  Posted on October 22, 2018
Sadly, my friends, all good things must come to an end. Our Tattered Weave Anniversary celebrations are over, which means the shop timers are back in place per usual, and the Year 2 Uniform has been retired. However, I have a wonderful bunch of updates for you to ring in the next year of Tattered Weave traditions!

You’ll find a new page on the Premium list: Redeem! We’d like to offer promotional codes in the future to entice new users to join the site with extra Shards or helpful starter items, as well as offer certain promotions for our existing users. We’re going to begin this marvelous new feature with a promotion that anyone can use once per account: HALLOWEAVE16, HALLOWEAVE17, and HALLOWEAVE18 will get you one free Halloweave Pail from each year!

That’s not nearly all we have in store! The Marketplace now has a handy new My Payments page where you can view a history of all your sales on the Marketplace. To make things even easier for you, we’ve added a re-listing feature for expired lots that will allow you to quickly re-list a lot for the same value within 30 days of its expiration! If you want to alter the lot, you’ll be able to delete it and create a new lot with whatever adjustments you see fit.

The Trade button dropdown has been fixed as well. And for those of you who use the item pop-up generated by [item] BBCode on the Forums, we’ve added some additional information provided in the Item Search to make that information even more accessible.

Please note that it may take an hour or two for these changes to appear on your account as Staff gets everything in place. As always, if you encounter any problems, please report them to the Technical Support Forum.

And finally, the Preview functionality has been added to Exchange items, so we should have those available for you once Club is able to make and upload those images. There’s a lot, so please be patient!

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