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Happy Hope Anniversary!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 19, 2018
Edit: Diana puts on a Nicholas mask for this post. Whoops. I forgot to login as Nic before sharing the good news!

Well! I must say, I am quite impressed with the spectacular Spooktacular going on at the Abandoned Arcade and the Bank of Hope! It feels like Halloween - pardon me, Halloweave - comes earlier every year... Ah, but everyone so enjoys it, so the more celebration, the merrier! Or should I say, the spookier!

This timing is so impeccable as to come right before our Site Anniversary. Can you believe it's already been 2 years? Though the official date falls on the 20th, we try to give our Staff the weekends off, which means good news for you all! The Tattered Weave Anniversary celebrations begin now and last all weekend!

Exactly like last year, you can enjoy no cooldown timers in the shops, but this time you get that perk for a whole weekend! Wow! I dare say that should make your trick-or-treat Gummy Bats even easier to accrue! This will last until Monday the 22nd at 12:00 PM CHT. (That would be noon, not midnight. My dear Piper gets those two confused all too often.)

Campus Supplies will be stocking the Year 3 Uniform (which includes the Year 3 Uniform Blazer, Year 3 Uniform Slacks, Year 3 Uniform Skirt, and Year 3 Uniform Miniskirt) starting today, with our Year 2 Uniform (Year 2 Uniform Blazer, Year 2 Uniform Slacks, Year 2 Uniform Skirt, and Year 2 Uniform Miniskirt) being retired on Monday at noon when the timer returns to normal. Poof! Oho.

Now, never fear, we of course have something new to bring you too! Stocking in my shop, the Headmaster’s Office, are some exciting “chance” items that Piper tells me are all the rage these days. Try your luck with the Hope Apparel Chance Machine, Enchanted Apparel Chance Machine, Reef Apparel Chance Machine, Stage Apparel Chance Machine, Kickstarter Apparel Chance Machine, Scrying Spell Chance Capsule, Hope Kith Chance Capsule, and Enchanted Kith Chance Capsule! Each of these cost less than the Pick A Part items contained within them, but you won’t know what you’ll get until after you turn the machine! Make sure to check the Preview page for an understanding of just what you’re choosing before buying these.

Most exciting of all is a new feature update to our Games: feast your eyes upon the wondrous High Score page! This is still a very delicate new feature, students, so please don’t go throwing your controllers if you spot a bug causing problems with your score. The Technical Support thread is there if ever you have need of it!

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