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Halloweave 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on October 18, 2018
Do you hear that noise? The jangling of chains? Disembodied giggles? My brother locking me out of the lab for the next several days? That can only mean one thing!

You know, when I first threw that I-Scream-Social two years ago I had no idea how big a thing I was starting! And now I've reached the point where Seeba and I can no longer handle all the spooky fun on our own. We've outgrown the Abandoned Arcade this year and need to spread out! To all of Hope! Or at least, y'know, to my mom's office. (And it's not because everyone's costumes keep getting scarier every year! I'm not Fray!)

So this year we are trying something new! I want everyone to always have a chance at all the fun items from Halloweaves past, but there just isn't room in the Abandoned Arcade for it! So this year, the Abandoned Arcade will only have our brand new spooktacular items! Stopboorider was a huge mega help this year with the new pieces and we even have some fun new toys from Siren! I don't wanna spoil the surprise of what's new this year, so you'll just have to be brave and come see for yourself!

The past Halloweave items are going over to my mom at the bank! She'll be running an Exchange for these so you can pick out which item you want! Each prior year will be harder to achieve, keeping this year as the focus and making stocking up worth it! But if there are one or two items you just HAVE to have, this means you can still earn them! Yay!

And to make it even MORE fun, you gotta earn them by snagging this year's flavor of focus, Gummy Bats, from all the stores around Hope. Everyone has agreed to help out this year by randomly stocking the candy for you to collect! They're my mom's favorite! (besides chocolate)

Mom's also stocking all the recipe cards for this year! It worked out so well for the Prism Party that she wanted to be the one to hand out the new and old recipes to trick-or-treaters this Halloweave!

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