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New Items: User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 16, 2018
Urf, I knew I shouldn't've let the stock build up this much. C'mon, get up on the shelves! THERE! Ugh, my knee's killin' me...

Okay kiddos, yer old friend Shady here has quite the update at the Backstage Broker for you to enjoy. I'm not quite sure where to start... how about.. ah, right!

First I've updated several of the already pre-existing Selection items with even more choices! If you already own one of these Selection items, they are automatically updated with the new items.

Parda's Dryad Branches Selection now contains the new Spring Dryad Branches, Winter Dryad Branches, Withered Dryad Branches, and Burnt Dryad Branches. I'm a mite-bit partial to the withered look myself.

Speaking of partial, Ruevian's Magic Circle Selection has been completed with all the known schools of Enchanted Forest magic! You can now find the Dream Magic Circle, Water Magic Circle, Poison Magic Circle, Shock Magic Circle, Fire Magic Circle, and Earth Magic Circle included with the original circles.

Also from Ruevian, we have a new custom color for the Side Braid Hair Selection with the new Yellow Side Braid. That rounds out the set with its fourth color. It's nice to see you kiddos stepping out of the commonplace colors more!

Next up I have the new Selection items; some are new colors of older items and some are brand new items all on their own. To start we have the two new Gem item selections!

Voldemortimer's now got the new Raven Scythe Selection to bundle up the new Indigo Raven Scythe with the original Dusk color! I've had a hell of a time keeping the Spectral Ravens off these in the back so I'm glad to get them out on the shelves now.

Parda has been keeping my heating bill down thanks to the new Flame Coil Selection. It's got the toasty warm Orange Flame Coil and the even hotter Blue Flame Coil.

As for the Shard Selection items, we have the appropriately spooky Outrider's Glaive Selection from Elfy with the new Outrider's Spectral Glaive. No refunds if you misplace your glaive and it phases into your walls.

The Black Mystery Hair joins its twin in the Mystery Hair Selection from Ruevian, who has quickly made herself the queen of hair submissions. I've got several more from her still to talk about later on.

I'm proud to present the all-new Life Hack's Tattoo Selection from DeviNox. Inside you'll find the brand new Life Hack's Right Tattoo and Life Hack's Left Tattoo which together make a futuristic statement on both arms.

From our long-time member, first-time submitter, we have Shazzbaa's Artisanal Nose Job Selection. Now as a man of defined proboscis I can really appreciate the new selection of not one, not two, but six new noses! The Artisanal Cute Nose, Artisanal Pointy Nose, Artisanal Large Nose, Artisanal Aqualine Nose, Artisanal Harsh Nose, and Artisanal Round Nose are all brand new and ready to be plopped on your face to give you that certain something in the schnoz area.

Shazzbaa's also submitted four solo items, the Nervous Grin, Bucktooth Smile,Subtle Lips Smile and the ever glum Subtle Lips Frown. These along with Mafics' Toothy Grin and creepy Contractor's Smile offer a nice new selection of chompers as we head into Halloweave. Mafic also has offered up the positively radiant Contractor's Eyes which really reminds me of a guy I used to know.

DeviNox has a fancy new pair of Neon Glow's Boots up for sale. Perfect if you need a extra bit of height to stand out among the crowd, but just be careful on the stairs.

Next up I have a huge list from the ever prolific MagpieM with a mighty showing: take a gander at the new Magical Lollipop, Barnacle Blade, Colorful Character Pants, Floof Coat, Adventurer's Hair and Beard (Which is a crime that it doesn't come in Lavender), Holding It Together Ponytail, Celestial Archivist's Mask, Deluxe Ears, Grey Facial Fins, Lime Green Striped T-Shirt, Pretty Chaos Soldier Top, Warrior Princess Uniform, Forest Blouse, and totally-not-annoying Sparkling Sprite. Phew. I've also heard this isn't even the whole set of things ready for sale, so make sure to check out MagpieM's shop for any possible future designs.

I'm not sure if LilNeps meant to send this Love Letter to me or if it's a submission. But since it isn't Palentine's yet I'm assuming it's the latter.

On a completely unrelated segue, let's look at Ruevian's solo designs of the new Periwinkle Twisty Tails, Blond Long Tails, Batty Lace Parasol, and, perfect for those heading into the hot season, Pentagram Swimsuit. I'm starting to think she might have it out for Kei over at the Salon. This is, what, her fifteenth hairstyle!?

Speaking of those who have been very busy, we have Elfy filling up the wardrobe of the Traitor Witch with three more items! Traitor Witch's Apparel, Traitor Witch's Mantle, and the Traitor Witch's Cloak go along with the precious hat and boots to make a full costume. He's also go the new Patron's Mask and Patron's Dress which speaks to a very interesting Role I've not heard of before.
Unless it's Battery. I hear she's been hitting the Wishlists pretty darn hard lately.

We've also got two new solo Gem items! 1412 has made his submission with the transparently gooey Green Slime Skin! Voldemortimer has also continued their weapon smithing with the new Undertow Fish Trident which I just can't keep the Spectral Fish away from. I'm starting to see a trend here...

And that is it for now! Thankfully it seems we made it through this round without my spectral zoo getting any more rowdy! Taking care of one furball is hard enough as it is. Actually, has anyone seen Club lately? Did... I feed her today? Eh, she'll come looking for a snack once she gets hungry enough.

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