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New Recipes: Bubble Brews!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 10, 2018
Castwick, are you sure you're okay carrying all the Bubble Balls? (Castwick okay!)
Oki-doki! Just put them on the table next to the Ghost Jellies and then I think we'll have everything all ready to get started onnnn
Witch and Castwick's Super Halloweave Special Bubble Brew Blast! (Super Special!)

Since we can't go to Hope to celebrate, I wanted to be able to provide at least a little bit of seasonal fun for your party! Maybe then some of the Travelers will come here to get supplies and bring some of the festivities here! (PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!)

I am going to warn everyone, these recipes are not for a novice potion brewer! It takes some know-how to get these bouncy drinks to come out just right! You'll also want to make sure you've got your Potion Book and Witch's Cauldron all set up for this too. (Witch's Cauldron?)
Not MY cauldron, silly, that's just what the cooking tool's called!

Try starting with two of the most basic versions we have: the Ectoplasm Bubble Brew and the Sugar and Spice Bubble Brew! They are pretty much opposites on the flavor spectrum, healthy vs delicious!

Then we have two recipes that mirror each other, the Moonlight Bubble Brew and the Nightshade Bubble Brew. One is great if you want to be special and hang out all night and the other is perfect for if you need to get a good night's sleep!

Graveglow Bubble Brew and Bleeding Heart Bubble Brew are a bit harder to make. Their natural colors can become polluted by the brewing process and you really want that vibrancy to carry through into the final drink! Also, one makes your toilet glow after you go, but I'll let you guess which one! (Guess!)

Candied Bubble Brew and Corny Bubble Brew are probably going to be some of the most popular flavors served here on the Stage! Castwick is really fond of the candied one, but I like the corny one better! Oh, but don't go trying to mix them to get candy corn flavor, that doesn’t work. It, uh... is actually kind of flammable when you do that.. (FLAMMABLE!!)

Now Witchy Bubble Brew is my personal favorite! The trick is to kiss each and every Fallen Star Crystals as you put them into the cauldron! If you miss even one, the whole thing turns out wrong! It's time-intensive but I think it is SO worth it! It's such a pretty color~ (Kiss, kiss, kiss~!)

Remember that candy corn flavor I mentioned before? There is a way to make a proper one. The prized pumpkin in the patch when it comes to bubble brews, it is actually a lot easier to make than you might think! And unlike Essence of Candy Corn, I'm actually allowed to drink the Candy Corn Bubble Brew! The key with this one is that you have to watch the cauldron to make sure the candy corn melts, but never EVER boils! If it boils, the candy corn re-solidifies and floats out in the bubbles and you'll have to start the melting process all over. Or in my case, I have to get more candy corn because Castwick ate all the ones that floated up. (Bubbles!)

No matter the flavor of brew, they all take Bubble Balls and Ghost Jellies to complete, so make sure to come by and stock up! And maybe bring us some of that sweet, sweet C-A-N-D-Y from Hope while you are at it! (C-A-N-D-Y? Can...dee...CANDY?! CANDY!! CANDY!!)

Eep! Castwick! Don't fall into the cauldron! Look out! SPLASH!
Whoops... Looks like I need to go play bobbing for Castwick!
Good luck with your Halloweave preparation everyone! Castwick!
C'mon, stop eating all the Bubble Balls! Castwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

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