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New Items: September Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 30, 2018
It's the 30th so you all know what that means: it's time for some re-re-re-RECOLORS!
...Or it would be if I hadn't gotten so inspired by everyone’s beautiful new Custom Clothing Submissions! I'm so proud of all you creative critters!

It got me thinking about some of the requests I get from time to time that aren't recolors, and so I tried my hand at a whole new bun-made item as well as a pretty big recolor job. Starting today you'll be able to pick up both the Choker Pattern and the Plain Leggings Pattern from Andre to add those little accent pops of color you've dreamed of. They come in 23 and 27 colors respectively.

The Choker was done by your truly, a simple little item that even these clumsy bun nubs of hands could make. The Leggings have long been requested in quite a few colors to fit with many of our other color schemes. These along with the Custom Clothing Submissions have kept me hopping this month! Heads up, though, I am hoping to spend a little more time getting into the individual recolors next month. W-we'll see what Halloweave has to say about that however...

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